Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back To School...

Wow, so in the last month, Gerry has gone back to work, Dean has gone back to school and I have gone back to school, also. I am really enjoying it. I get to shop for a new computer, well, I found what I want, now I am just waiting for the money to get here. Gerry is being very supportive. On top of that, Gerry and I are now working with our Webelos troop for church. They called us to work together and I am looking forward to being involved in Scouts again. Last year, I was the Wolf Leader(they no longer classify women as Den Leaders, just leaders). The couple that are working with the Wolf and Bears are great and I have a lot in common with the sister(also another married couple, he is also military like Gerry). Dean will be a Webelo in December so Gerry and I will get the chance to work with him on getting his badge. I wasn't really surprised to get the calling, but I think Gerry was. We found out a few things that have really surprised him since he was baptized. One, a brethren in the ward was waiting two months for him to become his Home Teaching companion, and turned down other companions so that Gerry could take up the mantel, two, the scout calling was also two months in the waiting for his baptism. They were impressed with how well the boys Dean's age get along with him and they knew that the boys all got along well with me as their leader when I was in the calling.

More to come, just be patient. LOL!