Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Mean It No More Striking....

Okay, here is another funny one for you all. Last week, I went to Chrystal's house. We were dropping her and the kids off and then Dean and I were heading home. Dean was tired and wanted to lay down in the car and asked to turn it on for some air. So he started it, with my help and laid down, or so I thought. Little did I know that while he was in the passenger seat, he changed my Miles to Kilometers. So as I was leaving post, which in the housing areas, you have to go fifteen miles or you will be pulled over, I noticed that I was going thirty miles an hour. I tried to slow way down, but couldn't. I was completely freaked out, and thought that something was wrong with the car. So I get to the stop sign and turn to head off and go home. Well, the road I was on if forty-five miles an hour, and I was going sixty. I still couldn't get slowed down to the right speed and was on the verge of pulling over, and noticed that my gas mileage said that I had 330 KM to empty(I love this car, it is so awsome) and finally figured out what happened. So I switch it back, and figured that Chrystal had accidently hit the button to switch it and was going to write it off as a funny thing to laugh at later, when Dean tells me he did it to see what I would do. He is nine years old and he is already pulling pranks. I got such a good laugh out of it that, my stomach hurt and I was crying. He is way too much!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

No More Strike....

Okay, so here is a bit out us loonyhousewives. I kind of took the idea from my sister and her roommate, Crazy O' Ladies. Yes, there are two of us, and yes we are defiantly loony. We are both stay at home moms, and if we are not hanging out together, we are calling each other several times a day, just to stay sane(in comes the loony part). Both of our husbands are deployed(same battalion, but different companies), so they are always hearing about one or the other from us when they call us or talk to each other. I have one child(a son), Chrystal has two, her daughter Greenlee(she is a princess, literally, she has all the dresses and now even a crown from McDonalds and she is just as pretty. Take Aladdin and Ariel and you have their daughter, beautiful skin and red hair) and Jason, Jr.(he is just a typical boy, like my son, gross and defiantly of the male species, believe me ladies, boys are different to raise if you don't have any). Dean, my son, is nine and loves Power Ranges and Super Heros(and I am not joking).

Anywho....Today, I had them over before Dean got home from school and my son's room was a disaster area from them all playing in there and other reasons not to be named(seriously, I am not telling so don't try to make me, lol), so Chrystal and I went in there and started cleaning. Well, see in 2006 for Dean's birthday and Christmas, my husband and I bought him this cool robot called Homosapian, he just rocks. He dances, passes gas, burbs and whistles, amoung several other cool tricks. Well, Greenlee just hates this toy, and we seriously are just mean sometimes because we put it in the hallway, turned him on and started him walking towards the living room/dinning room area and then called Greenlee. One look at this robot had her running and screaming. We couldn't help ourselves, we busted up laughing and couldn't stop. Finally, we came to our senses and turned him off and tried once more to get her to like poor the robort(he never hurt anyone) and she slapped him. Quite funny. Kids do the darnest thing sometimes.

Greenlee has a major crush on my son. It is so funny. On her dad's birthday, he was home by chance for two weeks and of course his birthday fell during that time home, so we celebrated and they were kind enough to let us join it. I bought him a bunny cake(seriously, I did, I have proof at their house, they took pictures). Well, I was cooking dinner for them and while it was finishing up, we decided to make Greenlee over with mommies Mary Kay. We picked out the cutest colors and they looked great on her. Once finished, we told her to go outside and show daddy, who was playing with the boys, doing the man thing and tossing the football. On her way out(by the way, she was all dolled up in a pretty church dress) she says, "No, I am going to show MY DEAN!" Too funny, so she gets out there and what does she do, tried to give him a kiss. Not the first time mind you. She has managed to several times all quite funny if you like to watch a nine year old run from a three year old. Very cute! We were in stitches.

Well that is all about us loonyhousewives that I can think to tell you for now. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This past week has been crazy for me. I've been dealing with my out of control son, who for some reason thinks that it's ok to hit me and his sister. We finally went to see a psychologist Monday. It went good, I think I'll finally get through to Jason about his behavior. I'm going to stay positive through this. I can't wait until my husband gets home, this month is going to drag and it hasn't even started. I talked to Jason (my husband) the other day and he says people are starting to getting on his last nerve over there. They are all getting tired and ready to come home. Ok I got side tracked, Greenlee just came to me and wanted me to put a dress on her barbie and now I lost track on what I was thinking. Oh well, must not have been that important. I found out that when Jason gets home they have 10 days of class and then they start their leave. Hopefully we are able to go to Disneyworld like planned. I think it will be very fun for us since the kids and Jason have never been. I've only been to Disneyland so I kind of now what it's like. I'm not about to take Jason (my son) though if he doesn't start behaving. I could just imagine him acting up in Disneyworld, throwing his fits and then running away from me. Not a pretty picture can u say insane. Well now I've written 2 posts and well Audrey your slacking. LOL Kidding, I know you've been busy and pre occupied. I'm going on stike until you write one though.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This is my first time doing this so bear with me. I don't know what to talk about so i'm just going to tell u how my day went. I got up this morning to my son Jason in my bed with me, how he got there is a mystery to me. When I went to sleep last night he was asleep in his own bed. Anyways I got up and came to the living room as always and turned on the Today show, this is the only time I actually watch the news. I watched maybe 10 minutes of this and then Jason woke up and that the end of watching TV for me. I turned on the xbox so that Jason could play football and whine because it wasn't going the way Jason wanted it to. I ended up getting upset with Jason because he was whining and getting upset so I turned it off and put on cartoons. By this time Greenlee was up and she wanted something to drink so i got her something to drink. I then started my day of laundry, which by the way I'm still doing and getting after the kids for picking at each other and throwing there little fits cuz they don't get what they want. Jason just finished throwing a fit cuz he wanted to take a bath and i told him after dinner. Greenlee has only wet her pants 3 times today, so I guess she's doing good. I would like it though if she would use her potty chair that is sitting here next to me looking pretty. I'm thinking of decorating it and maybe that way she'll use it more. I'm now making dinner for them, pot pies, how yummy. It's almost done so I better wrap this up so that I can feed them. Anyways i hope to get to bed at a desent time tonight, Greenlee hasn't taken a nap today so it's looking good so far but it's still to early to get my hopes up.Bye for now