Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some Fun Now....

Okay, so here at the end of the week, our son gets home, my parents are coming to visit and Saturday, I am feeding almost twenty people. Wow, sounds like a lot of fun. I have been working all week to get the house ready (we were expecting one of my older brothers, but duty call, literally Navy Boy, and he cannot make it due to work). Here is a list of things that have to be done and why I am barely making the wire:
1. Get son's new bed and room done-why it took so long, ordered the new bed last month, got it, but had to wait for the bed frame to come, problems getting it with site to store shipping, and had to wash the wall as Greenlee decided to leave art work for me, lol, my son did it once, too, only with pen and not a crayon, that is way worse to scrub. But hubby is home early or all day as he is taking a class right now and not working regular hours, so he helped, get paint in the carpet, long story, but he did help get the crayon off the wall, too, lol.
2. Get caught up on dishes- why it took so long, dish washer decided to break down on me last week, got it fixed today.
3. Get laundry done- why that is taking so long, hate folding clothes, don't mind washing, lol.
4. Get house clean- why that is taking so long, when my husband is home during the day, I like to enjoy his company and find myself a little lazy, otherwise, you could eat off my floor is you dared to try, clean freak here (yes Amy, I am now a clean freak, go figure). Also, I have been getting caught up in watching the Olympics, watching Michael Phelps in the water, breaking record after record and winning golds is so cool! And I still need to pick up some very out of cleaning supplies, which leads to number five.
5. Get grocery shopping and school shopping done-why it is taking so long, need money people, have to wait for pay checks! But I am doing that tomorrow, and have signed up to take food to a sister in my ward, she just had a baby girl, cannot wait to see her!
That is all that is on my to-do list. The fun part was seeing all the spiders in my sons room. Getting all the toys off the floor earthed many up, well not really. For those of you who don't know me, I hate spiders and am deathly afraid of them. Me screaming, Gerry comes running, kills it and then throws it away, happened three times. Very comical. If you wonder why the spiders are so abundant, I will tell you, the spiders around seem to be most abundant here in Georgia. I am always walking into a web outside of our apartment, or seeing spider webs on the gate or from my very dead plants outside to the little brick wall that surrounds our little private (well not really private, but it is cute) porch. Some of the spider webs outside my door really make me wonder about the size of the spider that built them. I have seen them stretch between two trees, will post a picture so you can see what I mean if I can get a good shot before the landscaping crew comes to do their weekly cleaning and lawn maintenance.

Dean comes home at the end of the week and I am very happy that he will be returning home. A month and a half is too long for a child to be away from his mother, and I know that his daddy misses him also (my husband is daddy). He starts school next week and I have registered for school online with the University of Phoenix's community college, Axis College. I am getting excited, but have six years ahead of me to get the degree that I want. Four years of education in Elementary Education for my bachelors degree and then two years of Secondary Education for another bachelors degree, with all the history and social studies I can get to be able to teach them both. Being a military wife, I will look for work on post and that is why I want to be able to teach both, since I know that I will be moving sooner or later. Have the full support of my husband and he is excited for me too, even bought me a matching planner like his, only the small version in the new ACU look. Cannot wait to start putting my class info in it. Well, I will be back after this weekend is over with the new adventure of cooking for almost twenty people, I know it will be interesting. At least two of my friends will be here to help me maintain my sanity, Chrystal (The Star, people) and Devona, someone who works with Gerry and still likes him as much as I do, just kidding. She does like him though, just likes me better, LOL!


AmyNPyper said...

How did you crazy weekend go? Mom and Dad had a good time... just thought I would get your thoughts.

StarAngel said...

It went very good. Gerry's baptism was awsome. Saturday was so much fun. I know that Dean was happy to be home, and I got the house clean with Gerry's help.