Monday, January 19, 2009

Work, Christmas, School, Oh My....

Well, Gerry is getting ready for another deployment, we have more time this go around than we did in 2007. He will be leaving around September/October. During the next nine to ten months, we will be moving on post (trying to save some money) and will be continuing our efforts with Fertility Doctors. Dean will most likely be changing schools to attend the elementary schools on post, hopefully with only one teacher instead of four (well maybe two since he receiving services for reading). I am continuing my college venture and thus far have a 3.17 grade point average, whooo hoooo. Right now I am taking two more courses, one about education in America, the other is intro to Humanities. I just started them last week.

As far as the moving goes, I am not looking forward to it, but am excited to be living on post. I will be closer to some of my friends, Star being one of them. The others are all from church that I have met since January 2007. Star is also part of the church, but I met her before she was baptized. Dean is excited to be moving since we will be closer to a couple of bowling allies and a very cool new gym that has a pool for just kids. Also, he will be around other kids that have mom's and dad's that also deploy. Also, the schools automatically put children with deployed parents in counseling for the duration of the deployment, something that I think all children need.

Gerry is continuing to work on his promotion for work. All that while he is also getting ready for deployment. He will be training for one month, off to NTC for another month, and all the inbetween with moving, getting prepared for the temple, and a family reunion. He will most definalty be a busy bee for half of the year, as will the rest of us.

For Christmas, we got a new puppy, named Legend. He is a handfull for sure, but we have all gotten attached. He spends most of his days with me, mostly sleeping, and going to the bathroom. The dog is entirely too smart, we went out and bought his new bowls for him at the end of last month. They are the kind that you fill them and they will refill until they are empty. To fill the water from the little jug, you have to put the spout down and the put it up to shut it off. Well, needless to say, if he feels that he didn't get enough to drink, he will mess with it until it turns on. He figured this out rather quickly. Also, he has learned three commands, sit, up, and shake, in less than a month. We are still working on lay down, stay, and heal. He loves going outside, but hates being confined to a leash, so he pulls as hard as he can until he is choking himself and coughing. Silly dog. Another funny thing is he loves ice cubes. Cheap treat for pennies. He eats them so fast that all you hear is crunch, crunch, crunch for about a minute. I do have some pictures, and will post them here. He is our chunky monkey, since he is almost twenty pounds (had to put his food up because he will not stop eating or drinking if they are on the floor)!