Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Mean It No More Striking....

Okay, here is another funny one for you all. Last week, I went to Chrystal's house. We were dropping her and the kids off and then Dean and I were heading home. Dean was tired and wanted to lay down in the car and asked to turn it on for some air. So he started it, with my help and laid down, or so I thought. Little did I know that while he was in the passenger seat, he changed my Miles to Kilometers. So as I was leaving post, which in the housing areas, you have to go fifteen miles or you will be pulled over, I noticed that I was going thirty miles an hour. I tried to slow way down, but couldn't. I was completely freaked out, and thought that something was wrong with the car. So I get to the stop sign and turn to head off and go home. Well, the road I was on if forty-five miles an hour, and I was going sixty. I still couldn't get slowed down to the right speed and was on the verge of pulling over, and noticed that my gas mileage said that I had 330 KM to empty(I love this car, it is so awsome) and finally figured out what happened. So I switch it back, and figured that Chrystal had accidently hit the button to switch it and was going to write it off as a funny thing to laugh at later, when Dean tells me he did it to see what I would do. He is nine years old and he is already pulling pranks. I got such a good laugh out of it that, my stomach hurt and I was crying. He is way too much!


AmyNPyper said...

So are you two going to type anymore, or are you going to leave it at that... there were some funny stories in your first couple blogs.