Monday, January 19, 2009

Work, Christmas, School, Oh My....

Well, Gerry is getting ready for another deployment, we have more time this go around than we did in 2007. He will be leaving around September/October. During the next nine to ten months, we will be moving on post (trying to save some money) and will be continuing our efforts with Fertility Doctors. Dean will most likely be changing schools to attend the elementary schools on post, hopefully with only one teacher instead of four (well maybe two since he receiving services for reading). I am continuing my college venture and thus far have a 3.17 grade point average, whooo hoooo. Right now I am taking two more courses, one about education in America, the other is intro to Humanities. I just started them last week.

As far as the moving goes, I am not looking forward to it, but am excited to be living on post. I will be closer to some of my friends, Star being one of them. The others are all from church that I have met since January 2007. Star is also part of the church, but I met her before she was baptized. Dean is excited to be moving since we will be closer to a couple of bowling allies and a very cool new gym that has a pool for just kids. Also, he will be around other kids that have mom's and dad's that also deploy. Also, the schools automatically put children with deployed parents in counseling for the duration of the deployment, something that I think all children need.

Gerry is continuing to work on his promotion for work. All that while he is also getting ready for deployment. He will be training for one month, off to NTC for another month, and all the inbetween with moving, getting prepared for the temple, and a family reunion. He will most definalty be a busy bee for half of the year, as will the rest of us.

For Christmas, we got a new puppy, named Legend. He is a handfull for sure, but we have all gotten attached. He spends most of his days with me, mostly sleeping, and going to the bathroom. The dog is entirely too smart, we went out and bought his new bowls for him at the end of last month. They are the kind that you fill them and they will refill until they are empty. To fill the water from the little jug, you have to put the spout down and the put it up to shut it off. Well, needless to say, if he feels that he didn't get enough to drink, he will mess with it until it turns on. He figured this out rather quickly. Also, he has learned three commands, sit, up, and shake, in less than a month. We are still working on lay down, stay, and heal. He loves going outside, but hates being confined to a leash, so he pulls as hard as he can until he is choking himself and coughing. Silly dog. Another funny thing is he loves ice cubes. Cheap treat for pennies. He eats them so fast that all you hear is crunch, crunch, crunch for about a minute. I do have some pictures, and will post them here. He is our chunky monkey, since he is almost twenty pounds (had to put his food up because he will not stop eating or drinking if they are on the floor)!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back To School...

Wow, so in the last month, Gerry has gone back to work, Dean has gone back to school and I have gone back to school, also. I am really enjoying it. I get to shop for a new computer, well, I found what I want, now I am just waiting for the money to get here. Gerry is being very supportive. On top of that, Gerry and I are now working with our Webelos troop for church. They called us to work together and I am looking forward to being involved in Scouts again. Last year, I was the Wolf Leader(they no longer classify women as Den Leaders, just leaders). The couple that are working with the Wolf and Bears are great and I have a lot in common with the sister(also another married couple, he is also military like Gerry). Dean will be a Webelo in December so Gerry and I will get the chance to work with him on getting his badge. I wasn't really surprised to get the calling, but I think Gerry was. We found out a few things that have really surprised him since he was baptized. One, a brethren in the ward was waiting two months for him to become his Home Teaching companion, and turned down other companions so that Gerry could take up the mantel, two, the scout calling was also two months in the waiting for his baptism. They were impressed with how well the boys Dean's age get along with him and they knew that the boys all got along well with me as their leader when I was in the calling.

More to come, just be patient. LOL!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some Fun Now....

Okay, so here at the end of the week, our son gets home, my parents are coming to visit and Saturday, I am feeding almost twenty people. Wow, sounds like a lot of fun. I have been working all week to get the house ready (we were expecting one of my older brothers, but duty call, literally Navy Boy, and he cannot make it due to work). Here is a list of things that have to be done and why I am barely making the wire:
1. Get son's new bed and room done-why it took so long, ordered the new bed last month, got it, but had to wait for the bed frame to come, problems getting it with site to store shipping, and had to wash the wall as Greenlee decided to leave art work for me, lol, my son did it once, too, only with pen and not a crayon, that is way worse to scrub. But hubby is home early or all day as he is taking a class right now and not working regular hours, so he helped, get paint in the carpet, long story, but he did help get the crayon off the wall, too, lol.
2. Get caught up on dishes- why it took so long, dish washer decided to break down on me last week, got it fixed today.
3. Get laundry done- why that is taking so long, hate folding clothes, don't mind washing, lol.
4. Get house clean- why that is taking so long, when my husband is home during the day, I like to enjoy his company and find myself a little lazy, otherwise, you could eat off my floor is you dared to try, clean freak here (yes Amy, I am now a clean freak, go figure). Also, I have been getting caught up in watching the Olympics, watching Michael Phelps in the water, breaking record after record and winning golds is so cool! And I still need to pick up some very out of cleaning supplies, which leads to number five.
5. Get grocery shopping and school shopping done-why it is taking so long, need money people, have to wait for pay checks! But I am doing that tomorrow, and have signed up to take food to a sister in my ward, she just had a baby girl, cannot wait to see her!
That is all that is on my to-do list. The fun part was seeing all the spiders in my sons room. Getting all the toys off the floor earthed many up, well not really. For those of you who don't know me, I hate spiders and am deathly afraid of them. Me screaming, Gerry comes running, kills it and then throws it away, happened three times. Very comical. If you wonder why the spiders are so abundant, I will tell you, the spiders around seem to be most abundant here in Georgia. I am always walking into a web outside of our apartment, or seeing spider webs on the gate or from my very dead plants outside to the little brick wall that surrounds our little private (well not really private, but it is cute) porch. Some of the spider webs outside my door really make me wonder about the size of the spider that built them. I have seen them stretch between two trees, will post a picture so you can see what I mean if I can get a good shot before the landscaping crew comes to do their weekly cleaning and lawn maintenance.

Dean comes home at the end of the week and I am very happy that he will be returning home. A month and a half is too long for a child to be away from his mother, and I know that his daddy misses him also (my husband is daddy). He starts school next week and I have registered for school online with the University of Phoenix's community college, Axis College. I am getting excited, but have six years ahead of me to get the degree that I want. Four years of education in Elementary Education for my bachelors degree and then two years of Secondary Education for another bachelors degree, with all the history and social studies I can get to be able to teach them both. Being a military wife, I will look for work on post and that is why I want to be able to teach both, since I know that I will be moving sooner or later. Have the full support of my husband and he is excited for me too, even bought me a matching planner like his, only the small version in the new ACU look. Cannot wait to start putting my class info in it. Well, I will be back after this weekend is over with the new adventure of cooking for almost twenty people, I know it will be interesting. At least two of my friends will be here to help me maintain my sanity, Chrystal (The Star, people) and Devona, someone who works with Gerry and still likes him as much as I do, just kidding. She does like him though, just likes me better, LOL!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Strikes over..

Yes, Audrey is the angel and I'm the star. I'm finally going off strike. It has been really hectic and kind of crazy here. My husband is finally home. He is now on leave until the 2nd week of August, by then I'll be ready for him to go back to work. Don't get me wrong though I love my husband, but u know how they can get especially after not having them around for over a year. It has taken me awhile but i think I'm finally used to having him around. The kids are happy to have daddy home. It took Greenlee awhile to get used to having him home but she did get used to it. The first 2 days they get off and then they have to go back to work for 10 days. Those 10 days Greenlee would get up in the morning and wonder where daddy was. I would have to tell her he was at work and would be home soon.
Greenlee is doing good, I'm still having trouble potty training her. She is going to see a urologist on the 15th of July. Jason is getting there. I'm taking him to a play thereapist now and i'm hoping we'll get somewhere with him. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
To let everyone know. Yes, my daughter loves her Mister Gerry. When he first came home it was like she had know him forever, when in fact she had only seen him a few times. Kids have a good judge of character though so I can understand why she took to him so quickly. Gerry is truly one of a kind. He's like a big brother to me. He's even a pain in my rear like I imagine a big brother would be. Well I have to go and do Greenlee's hair now. Hope u enjoy reading this.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Okay, so enough lallygagging around, here comes another one!

Okay, so my husband is finally home and so is Stars(I am the Angel here). She might disagree, but just so this is all clear, this is Audrey, not Chrystal. Anyway, our husbands are finally home and we are both relishing the time that we are getting with them, just to explain the absences that have been taking place. So many adjustments and all, but we are loving it.
The day that Gerry came was so hectic, getting the house cleaned up again, because heaven forbid the kids let it stay that way for a week, let alone one day, getting ready and all pretty for him as he comes off the plane and getting Dean and the kids ready to go. Chrystal came with us with Jason and Greenlee so that she knew where the airport was. Just so you know, Greenlee only met Gerry one time and saw him on the computer a couple of times, but as we were waiting she was getting more and more impatient(so was Dean for that matter, he wanted Daddy) and we couldn't figure out why. We thought maybe she was bored. Then the plane landed and we got to see the soldiers file off the plane, we were all looking for Gerry, of course I saw him and knew him the minute he stepped off the plane. Such a site for sore eyes, but enough mushy stuff. We had to wait for about an hour to an hour and half(at least it was better than the two that we were expecting) and then got to line up at the ropes for them to come in, and finally, we get to see what she was getting antsy about. She wanted her Mister Gerry. You have to understand, up to that point, I was her Miss Audrey and she would go through withdraws over seeing me, even if it was only a couple of days, so I got alittle jealous. She is a cutie, if you met her, you would understand. She started to throw a prize of a fit, like most three years olds still in their terrible two's, that just make you want to curl up into a dark hole and not come out for year until she is no longer like that. Finally we got out of her what it was and just looked at each other and laughed. So, finally, Gerry gets into the terminal and we have to stand for a bit more. They finally let us get to our spouses and they get mobbed, imagine, not seeing your husband or wife for a year or longer, stinks, so, yes, some of them might get tackled when we get to them. By the time we get passed them, I have to watch and keep an eye out because they were the largest group and it was very crowded, but he is very tall and just stood in one spot, making it very easy to get to him. Dean immediatly jumps into Daddy's arms and wouldn't let go of him, making it hard to hug him for me, but I don't mind sharing for the moment. Then he puts him down, and hugs Chrystal and Jason jumps into his arms and Greenlee just stands there. She is alittle shy of strangers, but keep in mind that she wanted her Mister Gerry, not mine, hers. She finally lets him pick her up after a few minutes and she was stuck on him like glue, that is until her Daddy came home a week later. Well, more later, it is getting late, have fun reading!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Mean It No More Striking....

Okay, here is another funny one for you all. Last week, I went to Chrystal's house. We were dropping her and the kids off and then Dean and I were heading home. Dean was tired and wanted to lay down in the car and asked to turn it on for some air. So he started it, with my help and laid down, or so I thought. Little did I know that while he was in the passenger seat, he changed my Miles to Kilometers. So as I was leaving post, which in the housing areas, you have to go fifteen miles or you will be pulled over, I noticed that I was going thirty miles an hour. I tried to slow way down, but couldn't. I was completely freaked out, and thought that something was wrong with the car. So I get to the stop sign and turn to head off and go home. Well, the road I was on if forty-five miles an hour, and I was going sixty. I still couldn't get slowed down to the right speed and was on the verge of pulling over, and noticed that my gas mileage said that I had 330 KM to empty(I love this car, it is so awsome) and finally figured out what happened. So I switch it back, and figured that Chrystal had accidently hit the button to switch it and was going to write it off as a funny thing to laugh at later, when Dean tells me he did it to see what I would do. He is nine years old and he is already pulling pranks. I got such a good laugh out of it that, my stomach hurt and I was crying. He is way too much!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

No More Strike....

Okay, so here is a bit out us loonyhousewives. I kind of took the idea from my sister and her roommate, Crazy O' Ladies. Yes, there are two of us, and yes we are defiantly loony. We are both stay at home moms, and if we are not hanging out together, we are calling each other several times a day, just to stay sane(in comes the loony part). Both of our husbands are deployed(same battalion, but different companies), so they are always hearing about one or the other from us when they call us or talk to each other. I have one child(a son), Chrystal has two, her daughter Greenlee(she is a princess, literally, she has all the dresses and now even a crown from McDonalds and she is just as pretty. Take Aladdin and Ariel and you have their daughter, beautiful skin and red hair) and Jason, Jr.(he is just a typical boy, like my son, gross and defiantly of the male species, believe me ladies, boys are different to raise if you don't have any). Dean, my son, is nine and loves Power Ranges and Super Heros(and I am not joking).

Anywho....Today, I had them over before Dean got home from school and my son's room was a disaster area from them all playing in there and other reasons not to be named(seriously, I am not telling so don't try to make me, lol), so Chrystal and I went in there and started cleaning. Well, see in 2006 for Dean's birthday and Christmas, my husband and I bought him this cool robot called Homosapian, he just rocks. He dances, passes gas, burbs and whistles, amoung several other cool tricks. Well, Greenlee just hates this toy, and we seriously are just mean sometimes because we put it in the hallway, turned him on and started him walking towards the living room/dinning room area and then called Greenlee. One look at this robot had her running and screaming. We couldn't help ourselves, we busted up laughing and couldn't stop. Finally, we came to our senses and turned him off and tried once more to get her to like poor the robort(he never hurt anyone) and she slapped him. Quite funny. Kids do the darnest thing sometimes.

Greenlee has a major crush on my son. It is so funny. On her dad's birthday, he was home by chance for two weeks and of course his birthday fell during that time home, so we celebrated and they were kind enough to let us join it. I bought him a bunny cake(seriously, I did, I have proof at their house, they took pictures). Well, I was cooking dinner for them and while it was finishing up, we decided to make Greenlee over with mommies Mary Kay. We picked out the cutest colors and they looked great on her. Once finished, we told her to go outside and show daddy, who was playing with the boys, doing the man thing and tossing the football. On her way out(by the way, she was all dolled up in a pretty church dress) she says, "No, I am going to show MY DEAN!" Too funny, so she gets out there and what does she do, tried to give him a kiss. Not the first time mind you. She has managed to several times all quite funny if you like to watch a nine year old run from a three year old. Very cute! We were in stitches.

Well that is all about us loonyhousewives that I can think to tell you for now. Enjoy!